ixora chinensis

ixora chinensis:
The original home of ixora chinensis trees

China and Malaya Peninsula:
Botanical description: ixora chinensis

Ixora chinensis plant or as, and its scientific name is Ixora
Ixora chinensis is one of the evergreen shrubs, and it is considered one of the very rare shrubs, and it is not seen in many botanical gardens.

The bushes reach a height of about 8 meters, and the leaves are elliptical, lanceolate, or oval inverted, about 15 cm long, with a tapering top.

As for the flowers in ixora chinensis, they are found in semi-white inflorescences and have a light aromatic scent. They also bloom during summer and autumn.

ixora chinensis

ixora chinensis

Ixora chinensis plant Propagation.

Ixora chinensis bushes are propagated by terminal cuttings that are obtained from aged branches and have a length of 20-25 cm. They are planted in special beds with porous, well-drained soil. They are successively served until a suitable root system is formed, where they are rotated in planting bags or suitable pots, and so on. Until it is cultivated in sustainable land.

Ixora chinensis bushes are also propagated by seedlings or that appear next to the bushes.

Ixora shrub watering

Aksura shrubs are very sensitive shrubs to increase irrigation water, so irrigation must be done carefully without drowning or thirst, according to the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions of the cultivation area.

ixora chinensis bushes Fertilizer.

ixora chinensis are fertilized with well-permeated organic compost during winter .

Ixora chinensis trees are also fertilized with neutral chemical fertilizer NPK nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium 19 – 19 – 19 at a rate of 300 g in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August, scattering around the bushes and then irrigation after that.
Removing weeds around Ixora bushes:
It is very important to pay attention to the continuous removal of weeds around the bushes so that they are not a source of fungal diseases and insect pests, provided that the weeds are burned outside the farm.

Planting of ixora chinensis in home gardens.

Ixora chinensis shrubs are grown in home gardens, as they are beautiful ornamental trees with a very attractive shape.

And it is planted in the middle of the flower beds or on both sides of the entrance, and it is considered one of the rare shrubs, so it must be preserved and taken care of with the fertilization and irrigation process.

ixora chinensis Light requirements.

Ixora chinensis is one of the very loving shrubs of direct sunlight, so it must be planted in sunny places and not be planted near walls or among dense trees that prevent light from it.

ixora chinensis uses.

Uses of ixora chinensis bushes.Ixora chinensis is one of the beautiful ornamental shrubs, so it is planted in luxurious home gardens, consulates and 9 large luxury hotels.